Fast Facts
Business overview

Woodward Systems is solution-focused. By applying its in-house expertise and tapping into its world-wide associates as necessary, the company provides software measurement, education, business analysis, estimation, security and improved governance for companies engaged in advanced ICT R&D.

Woodward Systems specializes in improving the ROI of ICT companies, especially those pushing the boundaries of new technologies, such as 4G-wireless and cloud-computing.

Business advantage
Woodward Systemsí proven, in-house expertise and its strong relationships with world-class experts in cloud computing, security, privacy, benchmarking, estimation, business process modeling tools and best practices provide Woodward Systemsí clients with all the specialty tools, knowledge and services they need to meet their R&D and business goals.

Woodward Systems provides business solutions, analysis and educational services for advanced ICT companies. As the first to recognize the critical core foundations of various frameworks, and to integrate tools and processes to maximize ROI and reduce duplication of effort, Woodward Systems fills a unique ICT services niche.

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