Combining enterprise architecture, process frameworks, business analysis, IT management consulting, software measurement and estimation, we are leaders in today’s diverse world. Innovative approaches to business analysis and software analytics, while providing valuable information for today and tomorrow. Our newest service-offering is "Cloud Computing Business Analysis", to maximize your ROI while reducing risk and exposure, providing tremendous comprehensive insights for any organization considering cloud solutions.

Woodward Systems uses industry accepted methods, models and tools (NIST, IFPUG, TM Forum, IEEE, ITIL, IIBA, CSA, COBIT, ISO, CMMI, SEER, SMRe, ISBSG) as frameworks, determining the best approach for your given situation or opportunity.

National Institute of Standards for Technology (NIST) Cloud Computing Working Group Member and Contributing Member to TM Forum Cloud Computing community. Founding company for Ottawa’s R&D Cloud Computing community.

Clarifying your Perspectives to Maximize ROI and Reduce Risk